Quadratur des Kreises oder Gekommen zu bleiben oder Orpheus geht

Performance/Photography/Video 2021/22

In this performance I am interacting with large-scale videosequences that are projected on the floor of the artspace. Thematically I am dealing with the question whether and how humanity will overcome the current crises and challenges. The definition „squaring the circle“ is commonly used as a metaphor for an unsolvable task and in this case it refers to current problems within our society.

I am searching for possible solutions but getting lost again and again in absurdities. Geometric light patterns mutate into a navigation system in night mode which keeps misleading me. Self-ironic statements collide with flimsy sentimentalism. During my odyssey I encounter characters from Greek mythology, I get confronted with Hollywood-blockbuster-scenes or I rotate as a female vitruvian human inside an earth graphic drawn with lightlines. A modified chorus sequence from the titanic theme song is changing into an absurd mantra on my path with a lost destination.

Photos: Sarah Mistura