me perceive place

Installation/Performance/Video 2011

A performance project – developed for the Viennafair 2011 (with Gallery Lisi Hämmerle) – that focussed on psychological and physical attempts of positionings within the field of different social systems. My own position as an artist in an artworld, which is shaped by competitive structures, serves as a starting point for relevant considerations. Within the spatial conditions of the artfair I installed my own room in the room. One person each could enter this room. There was one chair for two persons which created a space problem that got thematized within the performance. Furthermore I wanted to occupy all perceptual spaces of the other person. The visual perception channel was fed by a video. For the auditory perception the soundtrack to the video could be perceived over a headphone and I was singing the vocals directly and live into the second ear of each person while sitting on them, which affected the body awareness.

The space was tiny, the closeness was huge. This very intimate situation could be observed from outside by viewing through optical lenses, which gave the whole setting a strong voyeuristic touch. Furthermore the view from inside to the booth to the artfair got totally distorted, which created a certain state of confusion. Besides that the visitors of the fair had the opportunity to step out of the artmarket situation for a brief moment to perceive a 1:1 experience with me in a quite enraptured and unreal ambient.