soft, slow & sweaty - break unltd.

Performance/Installation/Video 2013
in cooperation with Donaufestival Krems
with Stefan Geissler, Gernot Kloos, On Grammel, Daniel Pabst

„soft, slow & sweaty – break unltd“ is a continuation of a former performance with a similar title and adresses again topics dealt with there. Furthermore parallel actions with its formal starting point in the interplay between especially developed stagings and improvised sceneries are taking place. The interruption/the break creates the base for a new quality level of individual experiences. In these timeframes consciousness is meeting unconsciousness, real and unreal are melting together and a unlimited loop of the video documentation from the prior performance piece is the starting point for further
performative interactions. The breaks relate to a certain quality of the „in-between“, the unfinished. They are just thematically sketched, which allows to keep the implementation free-flowing. In contrast to the performance „soft, slow & sweaty“, where the main focus was on the primary storyline, the „unlimited breaks“ become the central point of the project. In these breaks flexibility and the keenness to experiment are desirable and essential experiences are made.

Like in many other projects of Bella Angora, feminist considerations flow into the theme complex, social structures and a (moralistic) value system are called into question. An overwinded YouTube-trash-video aesthetic, a grotesque exaggerating setting and verbal statements packaged into kitschy popsongs are creating the artistic ground for a game between the times without a beginning or end. The audience is observing this whole process by looking through optical lenses, which distort the dimensions of the performance room and give the entire situation a strong taste of voyeurism