Performance 2014

Hyperhidrosis is a condition characterized by abnormally increased sweating. It can be associated with a quality of life burden from a psychological, emotional and social perspective. Some call it ‚the silent handicap‘. Within the performance „Hyperhidrosis“ this flaw is put on a pedestal in order to be identified, discussed and reviewed on a visual and acoustic level and furtheron to be shared with others within the frame of one-to-one performances. For people who suffer with a Hyperhidrosis it is extremely unpleasant to hold hands with others and exactly this happens in the performance. The act of holding hands is in the centre. The fear of contact is left behind. The not-perfect can be shared. This certain touch creates a deep intimacy. The intensity of this almost sacred act is used intentionally in order to drive things to a head.
Certain undertones of self-irony and the wipping up of emotions create a situation, where the performance is leading itself ad absurdum in a lovingly and humorous way without undermining the issue.