Performance/Installation/Video 2012/13

Routing systems are a significant part within human (mental and physical) locomotion. We are useing them for a better orientation. The more dangerous and unpredictable we perceive a surrounding, an atmosphere or a situation, the more we ask for indications because we don´t want to get lost…for example in the mountains we follow marked hiking trails, we are useing navigations systems and more…

The Bielerhöhe is a very popular tourist centre in Vorarlberg/Austria. I rerouted the tourist flows by creating my own (absurd) routing system. The obviously illogical system wasn´t questioned at all, the barrier tape was recognized and accepted by the tourists, they followed the zig zag course allthough it didn´t make any sense at all. For me on a further level the tourist flows represented the flows in our brain. Many times they follow automated, unconscious and unreflected routing systems in our brain, systems – influenced/constructed by our social and cultural background.

The video material became the starting point for a media installation/performance/video which poses the question of how far detours in our brain could change our life.