Performance/Installation/Foto/Video 2021
with Florian Koller/Sarah Mistura (Video/Foto)and Oliver Stotz (Music)
Performers: Bettina Bohne, Marie Hagemeister & Hannah, Johny Ritter, tOmi Scheiderbauer

The artist Thomas Scheiderbauer developed the project KREISSAAL that is dealing with questions about the need for an alternative cultural and social budget. He invited me to present a performance within this frame. An old sofa, on which he exchanged ideas with numerous people about the topic and a mirrored pillor became the base for a performance, that illustrates the necessity for further funding opportunities by using different media.

Video sequences were projected on the sofa to convey topic-relevant thoughts and emotional landscapes. An initially minimalist aesthetic was suddenly flooded by fairytale-like szenes. Reduced sounds merged with pop-based kitschy tunes, a songtext of a Bud Spencer/Terence Hill movie met own text productions, which reflect my personal considerations and experiences. The mirrored pillor mutated into a lighthouse with a spinning light, that set the rhythm for the performance.

Photos: Sarah Mistura/Florian Koller