Ich möchte ein Wandbild sein

Performance/Photography/Video 2021

The currently difficult conditions within the field of art and culture may force artists to question their own position in terms of existential security even more than usual. Especially performance artists struggle quite hard due to many lockdowns. Within the project a naiv desire for relief is expressed across different media: I want to be a painting on the wall (because paintings are easier to sell than performances these days).

The performer is getting lost in an absurd escapism. She is loosing ground and falling into an apathic trance by singing a mantra-like melody of the song „Eisbär“ (Grauzone 1981) while balancing on a far too small podest. By doing so she is stageing herself as a painting on the wall. The whole procedure reminds on a desperate affect action. A trashy covered frame, a facial print that appears enraptured and ghostly, the body exposed and vulnerable, an unstable posture, a questionable goal and an exhausting way to get there.

Nevertheless it shows a will to act and the ability to improvise. One tries to remain flexible to the situation and is meeting the own self-irony and a deep need to act.

Ich möchte ein Wandbild sein

Photo: Daniel Pabst

Videostills „Ich möchte ein Wandbild sein“