bella angora - das signierte wunder

Performance/Photography/Video 2013
with Cornelia Hefel, Gernot Kloos, Stefan Geissler und Winfried Nussbaummüller

The attempt to decipher collective – and simultaneously – personal history, a process in which the lines of demarcation between fact, retrospective construct and/or personal interpretation become indistinguishable. A research regarding parallels between the art figure Bella Angora and La Bella Angora – a female artist, tattooed over the whole body, who was well known as an attraction at fair grounds and freak shows in the 20ies.
The comparsion oft these two persons enables an analysation of the life paths of two women who decided to become an art figure. A fictitious person, assimilated and lived, with no seperation between private and professional life. For both the creation process is endless, only life stages and production phases may be completed.
Starting from the cliché of a fair stall, questions about the entertainment factor in contemporary (performance) art are asked.
Management strategies within a common art practice meet the artists attempts of localisation within the cycle of artwork, galleries, curators and public. In the performance Bella Angora stylizes herself to a product and generates individual realities due to the setting up of performative actions.