be the next performance art star. stAR.T now!

A performance project about excessive competitive behaviour - in general and concerning an art scene in particular......
I organize a casting show for "upcoming performance art stars" in Copenhagen.

Professional performers are welcome to participate as well as people that never had anything to do with art performances.
By doing so I want to find out how these different performances can be combined, also what are the differences in defining the
term art performance between professionals and non professionals.

The selected performances will be presented within the frame of a "casting show" and become part of a my performance concept,
where I mix the issue of competitions with themes like the fear of death and the search for love/sexuality, all in a very "chaotic" manner.
The chaos is supposed to become the base for an intuitive understanding of new structures that could be a positive change in order to
find new ways of life.

stAR.T can be seen as a persiflage on an art competition and is a critical reflection of the artist position within the artmarket
and a theoretical investigation of basic themes like love and death.

The event will be filmed and from the whole film material I will produce a videopiece that will be the base for a performance/exhibitionconcept.

more info about location and date coming soon.....

Performers can apply for the casting by sending an email to:

Deadline: 15. October 2008