soft, slow & sweaty
Performance/Installation/Video 2010

The performance „soft, slow & sweaty“ is dealing with psychological reactions on a refusal to fight. What comes after ending the (personal) fight?
In this particular case the factor time is examined.
By stopping the fight quasi the time also stops. This creates timeframes where a „being between the times“ is possible.
Parallel to this stress fields between the past, the present time and the future are appearing and the moment becomes
the base for a new quality of being.
Furthermore the  actual relativity of times, the transience of everything and the fading of historical experiences gets emblazed.

Formally the mixed media performance is based on the narrative structure of fairy tales. Fairy tales always happen in the past, they are engrossed of the present time
and their thematic contents are mostly moralizing. Filmic, literary and performative elements
- enriched with self composed livemusic - are creating a grotesque picture
which sometimes reminds of the genre musical.
By using classical good/bad-fairy-tale figures the deconstruction of moralistic valuessystems is next to the above mentioned
another fundamental tone of the project.
The structure of the performance is based on preset elements as well as improvised parts. The different roles are played by laypersons, that only get a very rough briefing.
I wanted to experience in which sense the energy of the performance can change,
when the "actors" grow more and more into their parts by identifiying themselfs more
intense with the played characters but also by
feeling more selfsecure about their position.