performative entsprechung eines wertungsresistenten prozesses
Performance/Photography/Video 2013/14

A project about social systems and structures, a critical reflection on a moralizing logic, an attempt to take value judgments out of the picture
when it comes to experiences as such. No good, no bad – only different (noncolour) qualities are telling storys about processes which are
completed or not. Processes that are part of a private and professional biography, which is documented in a series of snapshots. The colour
becomes a second skin. The skin as a border dissolves. Borders blur. Personal demarcation is meeting the wish to donate self in an unconditioned
way apart from any polarization. Accompanied by an emotional landscape with a complexity that makes it impossible to find any declarations,
the experience itself is the central provision.



performance "pathosschwangeres performance-melodram über einen wertungsresistenten prozess
mittels verwendung akustischer sequenzen polarisierender hollywood-standardszenen"