I refuse to battle

„I refuse to battle...“ can be seen as a very personal reflection of a
psychological process, which thematizes the decision to let go
certain kinds of fighting manners. We are all confrontated with different
fights like the fight for appreciation, success, money and love. The decision
not to fight anymore is a quite strong statement in a world which is dominated
by fighting mentalities and can be percieved as a critical expression in
order to that. The base for the refusal to fight is hereby not a resignativ one,
it is much more grown on the realization that it is possible to win without to fight,
if one is able to trust on the own capabilities and furthermore is aware of the fact
that the „real enemy“ is not to be found outside....

"I refuse..." is a combination of livesound and video. Each song/video reflects one
further step of development. Furthermore the music is meant to transport certain
kinds of feelings that come along with the whole process.