dein leben sucht nach dir
Installation/Performance/Video/Photography/Drawing 2012

This mixed media project was an attempt to sense parallels between production phases and psychological conditions that come along
with a creative process. To what extent do mental changings of a human being influent certain production steps? Which effects can arise
due to the increasing advance of technology, the changing timescales and the fragile economic situation in order to society and production
cycles? In how far do relevant developments and inevitably lead to (mental) crises? What can be possible reasons for (re)productions constraints
and how can one get out of this?
Artpieces (drawings, videos, photographs, audio-cd, music clip, installation, object and the performer/artist herself) that had been produced
for the exhibition served as a starting point for relevant reflections. In the wake of the artistic creative process personal, social and political
aspects got examined.


"Dein Leben sucht nach dir" (music clip as part of the exhibition)