exchange project between Land Vorarlberg, Amt für Deutsche Kultur | Autonome Provinz Bozen – Südtirol and Südtiroler Künstlerbund
with Alexandra Berlinger, Hannes Egger, Michael Fliri, Ingrid Hora, Sabine Marte, Andrea Salzmann (mit Sebastian Meyer), Thomas Sterna, Viktoria Tremmel

I curated/organized DA.ZWISCHEN - a project with cross-media artists from Südtirol and Vorarlberg. The first part of the exhibition was shown in the Gallery Prisma
in Bozen in September 2018. In March 2019 the continuation of the project was presented in the art space Magazin 4 in Bregenz.

The project was contextually devoted to cross-border issues - especially to Mussolinis "Große Option" during the 2nd world war, when many German speaking
people from Südtirol had been forced to leave their homes and cross the borders to start a new life in the "Deutsche Reich". Many of them came to Vorarlberg.
Before that, most of them had to stay for several months in collective accommodation until they could move further on into their new homes. The period between
an ending and a new beginning is a very special and sensitive phase. Something is over and it is not clear, what the future will be like.

I invited four artists from Südtirol and four from Vorarlberg. All of them work across different media to a high extent by combining performance, sculpture,
drawings, installations, photography and sound. In order to this their artistic practice is characterized by crossing borders within different media. Furthermore the
presented projects had been dealing with the topic of "being in between".







Images: Sarah Mistura