The intension for the performance project „Darkroom“ is to break expectations that we are having due to
certain conditionings. The term „Darkroom“ relates to more or less escalating sexual practices – but in this
special Darkroom the kind of touch is different: sitting on a lap (like a child) and the touch of the breath that
is reaching the ear when the artist is singing live into the ear of the Darkroom visitor
....both two very „innocent“ actions that also implicate a kind of sexual attraction as well.

The audience could watch the happening in the Darkroom from outside by viewing through optical lenses,
which gave the whole situation a strong voyeuristic touch. Allways one person can enter the Darkroom to
perceive a single performance with Bella Angora. By entering the Darkroom the viewer is changing roles
from „observer“ to „observed object“ which demonstrates how fast we can change roles and in order to this take
different positions with different values and rules.....